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Is ABM a fad or here to stay? We’ll ask one of the godfathers of ABM…


Some of the points Matt and Sangram are covering:

  • In case some listeners have been living under a rock, what is account-based marketing and why does everyone in B2B need to know about this trend?
  • Tell us about the Terminus technology. What problem does Terminus solve for its customers?
  • Terminus just raised its Series B of $10.3M (total funding to date about $20M with Seed + Series A) can you tell us about the process and what you've learned working with VCs and angel investors?
  • In 2016, you wrote "Account-Based Marketing for Dummies", launched #FlipMyFunnel, and were named to the Direct Marketing News 40 Under 40 list. You helped build a category for ABM. What can you tell your fellow entrepreneurs about product-market fit and the importance of being part of a larger community in your industry?
  • Terminus has won a ton of awards. #1 Best Place to Work from the Atlanta Business Chronicle in 2016. Startup of the Year in 2016 and 2017 from the AMA Atlanta, #1 in Employee Appreciation from the AJC and #3 for its Top Workplaces. What's your secret to building such a great company?
  • What's next for you and Terminus?


Terminus just announced their Series B and Top 45 ABM Superheroes .

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