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This man can pitch anything! Now, see how he’s flipped the script…


This week's episode is entitled "This Man Can Pitch Anything! Now, See How He's Flipped the Script..." a great conversation with Oren Klaff, who is the Managing Director at Intersection Capital and Bestselling Author of Pitch Anything and FLIP THE SCRIPT.

Some people ask "How do you sell a commodity and really differentiate and even charge a higher price?" Well, it's not necessarily in that case about the commodity, it's about what people are going to do with it. I ask Oren to share his best practices for taking something that might feel like it doesn't have a lot of competitive differentiation and how to still get that sold at a premium.  

He talks (among other things) about the idea of getting people to believe in what you're trying to say, getting them to think that that is their idea and getting them to believe that there is something that's worth changing, something worth doing is a very, very powerful concept. Of course we talk about his most recent book and also what he is seeing in the marketplace, with his clients and business that that made this the next topic to write about.  

Listen in and/or read the full transcript on our blog starting Mon. 11/25/19 at 6am PST.  

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