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What’s your Noble Sales Purpose? Best Practices from Lisa McLeod


This week's episode is entitled "What’s your Noble Sales Purpose? Best Practices from Lisa McLeod".  Lisa is the founder of McLeod & More as well as the Author of Selling with Noble Purpose.

We have vision and mission. We have objectives and sales. We know what we want to get done, sometimes we happen to think about what the prospect wants out of this as well, but that's different than having a noble selling purpose. Noble sales purpose-- what is it and why is it so important?

When you have this clarity of purpose, it gives you a sight line into your customers. It creates urgency and it also makes you a lot more resilient because if your whole self esteem and self confidence was built on hitting your number, you're having a big problem right now.

The way you find your own unique noble sales purpose is by answering three really critical questions.

  1. How do you make a difference? (How do you improve life for customers?)

  2. What impact do you have on customers? (How do you do it differently than your competition?)

  3. On your best day, what do you love about your job?

And those three questions seem simple, but the answers to them are actually rather profound. And those become the story of your company. And it's a much more compelling story for a sales team and for customers, than we provide superior products and services. Like no one cares about that, at least not now.

So much good stuff... Listen in now or read the full transcript on our blog starting Mon. 6/1/20 6am PST.


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