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Remote Selling Best Practices from the “King of Sales”


This week's show is called "Remote Selling Best Practices from the “King of Sales” and our guest is Jeffrey Gitomer, King of Sales | International Sales Trainer and Keynote Speaker | Best-Selling Author and the author of many books-- the latest of which is "Go Live" about taking your virtual connections and turning them into paying customers.  Check out the book as well the podcast Jeffrey does with his wife, Jennifer called Sell or Die.

Hear about the impetus for the new book and what in includes.  I also ask Jeffrey, for those who feel reticent to do go live, get out there (consistently) and who say, "Well I've been nervous about putting myself out there and what am I actually going to say?" Hear his response and get some great tips.

We also talk about what he's noticed about the level of motivation and whether it is more difficult for sellers right now.  This and a lot more!

Listen in now and/or read the transcript on the Heinz Marketing blog starting Monday, 2/15/21 at 6am PST. 

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Learning from the King: Sales Lessons & Musings from Jeffrey Gitomer

Learning from the King: Sales Lessons & Musings from Jeffrey Gitomer @gitomer

I am beyond excited and humbled to share this episode and Q & A with Jeffrey Gitomer. He is the King of Sales. If you're in sales, he is a household name. He literally wrote The Little Red Book of Selling and has published a number of different books. He is the author of the recently published ... in fact, published last week ... came out, Truthful Living: The First Writings of Napoleon Hill. Here's just a snippet: 

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