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Selling with Spears: Account-Based Sales Development Best Practices with Jamie Shanks



I talk this week with one of the masters of B2B sales, digital selling, a good friend, Jamie Shanks (CEO at Sales for Life) in an episode I call Selling with Spears: Account-Based Sales Development Best Practices with Jamie Shanks

I asked Jamie:  "I've noticed in a lot of your marketing, and a lot of your messaging, that you've made the shift from social selling to digital selling. Help me understand, what's the difference, and why is it important to think about this, broader than just social channels, today?"

To whet your appetite, here is part of Jamie's reply.  Read the full transcript and/or listen below.

"...the reality is that social media is only one mechanism to help a seller connect with a buyer. Other digital platforms, like video is one, and is soon emerging, and I believe is the next wave, artificial intelligence and machine learning, are all digital data points. Remember, you're using these tools for research, for account planning, for account engagement, for account qualification and disqualification. All of these digital tools and fingerprints that customers are leaving around, can be harnessed to help a seller. And so we're evolving it towards digital. And in fact, even companies like LinkedIn are evolving it beyond digital. They don't even call it digital anymore, it's being called modern. That's all that it is. Because at the end of the day, social selling, digital selling, it's all just selling. It's just infusing the 21st century into your sales place."

You can follow Jamie on Twitter @jamieshanks and check out his latest book, SPEAR Selling: The ultimate Account-Based Sales guide for the modern digital sales professional


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Social Selling Mastery Tips from Jamie Shanks.


Our guest, Jamie Shanks tells us he was doing Sales 2.0 and went BK doing so. He needed to change with the buyer and he was missing that step. Social Selling became a survival mechanism. He reversed the selling process to leverage social media. That's how it started.
03:45 : 
Matt asked, "What is your definition of social selling in late 2016 and what does it mean for professional sales people?"
Jamie asked us to picture three circles, like a Venn diagram.
The intersecting middle is what social selling is.
There are three types of sales processes
  • Insight based selling
  • Trigger based selling
  • Referral based selling
Conversion of those three processes is what social selling is.

His new book is Social Selling Mastery and is available on Amazon. It has become a go-to resource for social selling.


Matt asked if Jamie still sees the companies that continue to block social media sites in house and see it as a distraction. REALLY? That still goes on? You may be surprised at Jamie's answer. You'll have to tune in to hear his observations.

"I get that we have those tools and that they can amplify our messages and brand to our customer..."
About our guest, Jamie Shanks, CEO, Sales for Life:

Jamie Shanks is a world leading Social Selling expert, responsible for pioneering the space. Jamie Shanks has trained 1,000’s of sales professionals from Fortune 500 companies to solopreneurs.