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Is Outbound the New Normal? How Prospecting has Changed in 2020


This week's show is called "Is Outbound the New Normal? How Prospecting has Changed in 2020" and our guest is Eric Quanstrom, CMO at CIENCE Technologies

We talk all about outbound and how to make outbound work.

We first talk about why outbound is still working and then differentiate between good outbound and all the bad outbound that we still see. 

I think that number one, outbound works because it's taking a very specific targeted approach to having a vendor solution provider services based company that wants to land a specific logo or specific logos going forward. And then backfills with all of the motions necessary to create sales opportunities for themselves with that targeted group. And that's really the secret sauce if you will.

This AND A LOT MORE.  Listen in now and/or read the full transcript on the Heinz Marketing Blog starting Mon. 10/12/20 at 6am PST.  

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