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Lessons on ABM from Inside the Trenches: Fine-Tune Your Strategy for 2020


This week's episode is entitled "Lessons on ABM from Inside the Trenches: Fine-Tune Your Strategy for 2020". We talk with Edward Roberts, Senior Director of Product Marketing at Distil Networks

We are really focusing today on ABM, account based marketing and all the things required in terms of elevating the game of the marketing team, but also changing the culture between sales and marketing to make that work.

Edward answers these questions below and a lot more:

  • Why ABM?
  • How did ABM became a priority for Distil?
  • How did those conversations get started and where did you make the decision to lean in?
  • What did it take to get the program off the ground?
  • Was your CMO involved?
  • Was the leadership of the company prioritizing this?
  • What were some of the initial expectations and catalysts to making this a priority?
  • How are you looking at evolving and growing the account based work into 2020?
  • What are some of the bigger opportunities you see and what are some of the obstacles you see that might be something you want to keep keep in mind to try to navigate through over the next 12 to 14 months?

Listen in now and/or read the full transcript on our blog starting Mon. 11/11 6am PST.

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