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The State of ABM in 2019: Stay Ahead & Drive Revenue Impact


The future of marketing’s leadership role is the central topic between Derek Slayton, CMO of Terminius, the ABM Platform company, and the host Matt Heinz. As they discuss the future of account-based marketing, they side-track into the important area of marketing’s revenue responsibility.  Derek contends that B2B marketing is no longer a red balloon versus a blue balloon’s discussion just about lead generation; today it’s about the partnerships between sales, marketing and the CFO with the focus on revenue.  

Derek says Marketing has to be forward leaning into the revenue discussion and held accountable for holding up their part of the revenue bargain.  “We get lost in our to-do list,” and the most notable CMO’s balance the use of tools and leadership to advance the strategic goals of the company.  This is a program every marketing leader should listen to more than once.

Sales Pipeline Radio is sponsored and produced by Heinz Marketing on the Funnel Radio Channel.  Each week at 11:30 am Pacific time (plus 8 hours UTC Time) Matt Heinz interviews the best and brightest minds in sales and Marketing.  If you would like to be a guest on Sales Pipeline Radio send an email to: [email protected]

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