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Focus on What You Do Best - Dave Crenshaw & Matt Heinz

episode-card-250-crenshaw-multitasking.jListen in on Dave Crenshaw's discussion with Influencer, 

Matt Heinz as they touch on (among other things):

  • Dave Crenshaw's connection to Chuck Norris
  • Focusing on what you do best
  • Why it makes sense to make your strengths stronger vs. working on your weaknesses
  • How to create a rhythm in your schedule and allocate, protect, and devote time to the things most important to you
  • Keys on how to make the change
  • Why it's not discipline as much as conditioning as a result of repitition
  • What's new with Dave-- is the rumor about a new book true? 

Take advantage of the special deal Dave made with (he calls it the NetFlix of training) where you can find, in addition to Dave's 15 short but powerful videos, great training of all kinds-- 30 day free trial (normally 7 days!) go to  

About our GuestDave Crenshaw is the master of helping business owners triumph over chaos. He has appeared in Time magazine, FastCompany, USA Today, and the BBC News. His first book,The Myth of Multitasking: How ‘Doing It All’ Gets Nothing Done, has been published in six languages and is a time management best seller. His latest book, The Focused Business: How Entrepreneurs Can Triumph Over Chaos, is also a small business best seller. As an author, speaker, and business coach, Dave has transformed thousands of businesses worldwide.



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