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Omnichannel marketing, online and offline


Best practices for tactile marketing, direct mail and more. Matt's guest today is Daniel Gaugler, CMO of Some of the talking points will be including:

Why is direct mail back?

What problem does PFL solve for its customers?

When people say that direct mail is old school or irrelevant, how do you typically respond?

Tell us how PFL is taking an offline channel and making it high tech.

Demonstrating ROI is a key priority for marketers. What’s the biggest mistakes marketers make when measuring the success of their campaigns?

Marketing changing rapidly over the past several years. What can marketers do to keep up?

A bit about our guest, Daneil Gaugler:

Daniel is a business-driven, entrepreneurial-minded marketer with an extensive background in: marketing automation, integrated marketing programs, direct mail, search engine marketing, eCommerce, email, and direct sales. He has a proven track record of implementing multi-channel marketing systems that leverage technology to drive awareness, acquire customers, grow sales, and improve the customer experience.

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