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Part User Conference, Part Woodstock. Would it Work Online?


This week's show is called "Part User Conference, Part Woodstock. Would it Work Online?" and our guest is Christina Mautz, CMO at Moz

We talk about lessons learned, plans for next year, implications for planning 2021 events, how MozCon went this year (going completely virtual), and a lot more.

I think what we're going to keep from this year's experience is definitely to focus on what is most meaningful to our community, which is superior content.

Christina shares with candor and openness about making the pivot Moz did--what worked, the things they found important, and shared implications for next year.

We also took a quick pivot into culture.  For MozCon and for Moz customers, maintaining a community and really actively fostering a culture of diversity and openness and creativity within that culture is important. Christina shares some of the keys they've found to helping manage and maintain that culture and connectedness of employees when all of a sudden everyone was dispersed full-time working from home.

What we really did was just stay true to our culture.

We have culture principles called TAGFEE. It's an acronym. Transparency, Accountability, Generosity, Fun, Empathy, and Expertise.

Listen in now and/or read the full transcript on the Heinz Marketing Blog starting Mon. 10/19/20 at 6am PST.  

To learn more go to Be sure to do a search on their blog for MozCon. You will also find links about the videos mentioned in the show and a ton of free content and training all about SEO and more.

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