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What B2B Marketing and Hall & Oates Have in Common


This week's show is called "What B2B Marketing and Hall & Oates Have in Common?" and our guest is Bryan Smith, Senior Marketing Manager at Tennant Company.

Bryan has an interesting dichotomy where he is running advanced B2B marketing at a 150 year old manufacturing company. We talk a little bit about that juxtaposition and how he has been able to make that work.

I also ask what the sales team needs for providing engagement and relationship building and if there are separate sales plays we need to put together that can be marketing supported to still help the sales team engage the field.  He shares if that is purely digital or going to expand beyond digital.  

What I do know for sure is that going into 2021, I think with the continued uncertainty, we're going to have to get really focused. And I think as we're planning for next year, we're looking at doing fewer things better, and really trying to focus on the parts of our business that are the most... First of all, the most lucrative, and then also the most differentiating in where marketing can make the most difference.

I also ask what have been some of the successful key components of his journey.  I guarantee we have listeners who are frustrated at the lack of progress between sales and marketing. Bryan shares some things he thinks have been particularly useful... This and a LOT MORE. 

Listen now and/or read the full transcript on the Heinz Marketing blog starting Mon. 10/26/20 at 6am PST. 


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