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ABM Noise Making you Kranky?

episode-card-250-marketing-kranks.jpgIf you haven't caught their podcast yet, it's not too late to binge listen to Robert Pease & Brian Hansford's show - Marketing Kranks on SoundCloud . Today they are taking over the show for Matt, who is traveling. The topic? All the ABM Noise.... the good, the bad, the ugly.


Don’t let the tail wag the dog: Talking martech with Brian Hansford

episode-card-2500-brian-hansford.jpgBrian Hansford has been with Heinz Marketing for over four years running their marketing department. He's the head of Marketing Technology. They started with the overall landscape and Matt asked: How do you recommend a strategy?

Brian says to: Assess your current state: what people, what workflow, what tools, what data, are you currently using. Identify what are your objectives are: customer engagement, revenue objectives. Think about these first and the technology after. That path will lead you to a technology structure that will support your objectives.

Keep it simple to start with. You want to make sure you have good utilization of your CRM and then move on to your marketing automation. If you start buying these niche platforms you'll end up with a ball of gum. It will be hard to measure success and efforts coordinated. 

Continue this conversation with Brian on Twitter: @remarkmarketing

How do Martech & Salestech work together? How do you prioritize? How do sales teams prioritize to maximize their active sales time? You'll have to listen to get the answers. Logical tips and steps you can implement and explore immediately.
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