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Sales Managers Need Love Too - How to Coach the Coach- Norman Behar


Joining us for this episode is Norman Behar, CEO & Managing Director at Sales Readiness Group and co-author of:  The-High Impact Sales Manager.  

This book draws on over 30 years of personal experience and our proven sales management training methodology.

What makes this book unique is that it is highly practical and provides sales managers with the systems, processes, skills, and techniques to:

 Hire the best people and hold them accountable.

  • Manage sales performance by focusing on the underlying behaviors that drive results.
  • Manage the sales pipeline and produce accurate sales forecasts. 
  • Provide personalized sales coaching that results in better skills and hire win rates.
  • Lead, motivate, and inspire their sales team.

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How to increase your results 10X with Grant Cardone


If you don't know him yet, it's time to know Grant Cardone. Join us for the provocative, maybe controversial conversation with a sales legend. While you are waiting for the show, don't miss his core package of MP3 books for your commute or flights. His success is legendary, his energy infectious. You do not want to miss this.

Guide for the first time sales manager


Jim Obermayer sitting in for Matt today with guest, Ken Thoreson, of Acumen Management Group. Their firm is focused on execution, discipline, accountability to the sales organization.

He has just published his fourth book in a series:

The other three in the series are:

Some of what is covered in the book includes:
  • How do you on-board a new sales manager? Within 6 months, new sales managers are usually slammed.
  • Leadership and management skills playing together don't usually get taught.
  • Lifespan of a sales manager is about 18 months.Marketing will go back and write a new plan, but the sales managers get fired.
New sales managers seem to focus on micro issues, tracking numbers and activity, and forget they need to have emotional leadership and inspire people to execute. It is the manager's job to instill work ethic, intensity, high levels of performance and interest in creating high levels of results.

The sales manager typically will ask, "What are you going to do today? What are your goals for the day?"
The stunned sales person stammers a defensive reply, "I'm going to get on the phone...I'm going to call prospects.."

At the end of the day, what determines the level of success you had for the day?

On there are a ton of free tools, including, Top 40 actions a sales manager must activate to create predictable revenue."

Jim asked Ken,"What is the biggest challenge you see a new sales manager has in the first 2-3 months?"

First, you have to set priorities based on the situation.

Assume you are walking into a turnaround role - sales are poor...observe, reflect, make a few changes so the team sees that things are getting fixed.
Then you go about setting priorities, goals and then expressing your vision of what you want to achieve over the next 90 days to 6 months.
Most act too quickly or chew off more than they can achieve.

If you are walking into a role where you are replacing someone successful. Then it's sitting back again and understanding the players, building trust first.

Ken finds that there is a lot of talk in struggling organizations about "them" and "us" or "those people." There is a line between WE as a team. That line needs to be broken down immediately for the vision, direction and belief of where you are going. This is building culture.

Listen to the full episode to get more insights.

Why companies are failing to hit their sales numbers.


It starts with the sales managers, and it then goes to the training, coaching and support THOSE managers receive. How can they pass it down unless they know it as they breathe?

Steven Rosen has over 15 years of executive experience. His fresh approach to corporate leadership, strategy development, execution and team-building in the pharmaceutical and packaged goods sectors defined his success. His expertise in aligning sales and marketing initiatives to achieve key business results and exceed customer expectations has continually exceeded sales objectives from his days as a sales rep to his achievements as a VP of sales for Alcon and Biovail.

If you manage sales managers, check out and sign up for any guide you can find there, including the The 2016 Managers' Survey:

Key takeaways
  • Coaching
  • Key performance
  • Hiring
  • Business acumen
  • Leadership
The answer to sales related problems can be an app, a program, a widget - but it may not solve the problem of RESULTS.
  • Sales Management coaching drives more sales. 
  • Managers ranked the lowest on coaching.
  • 53% of companies are providing some sort of coaching, training and development.
  • Only 44% of companies had a well-defined, well-understood coaching program.